Posted 3rd Dec 2013
Hi guys

I have the Virgin Optic fibre connection... Not sure what speed but usually very fast (around 20mbps to 50mbps), However, I've noticed there was a hell of a lot of "jitter" when online gaming. Especially noticeable in Fifa. Since I got my PS4 I was not in the mood to be dealing with that so decided to try a fix. Virgin is known to be very fast but also be poor for online gaming because of this jitter issue.

You might want to go to and run a couple before and after tests.

Here is what I did and it seemed to work flawlessly. Where before it was constantly stuttering and crazy high jitter, it is now silky smooth 99% of the time. Here is what I did.

Log into your router. type into your browser and log in. I have the (bog)standard virgin superhub so not sure if this'll be different for a different router.

Once in, click on "advanced settings"

Then in the security section, click on "firewall"

Here, make sure the firewall protection is set to "low," and untick every other thing APART from Multicast pass-through. Make sure Port Scan Detection and IP Flood Detection are both DISABLED.

Then click apply. Close your browser, and (optional) disconnect your router for 30 seconds and plug it back in.

This solved the problem for me so hopefully will help others too.

With pingtest, I noticed the jitter rating climbed very high and unstable when gaming online, but was fine when not gaming. Now it is fine all the time.

Good luck.
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