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I want to study from home, and would like to do a couple of GCSE's i didnt get back when i was at school a good few yrs ago. I need to ideally do it at home as i cant afford childcare and i have a young family.

I wouldnt mind having to go somewhere to sit the exam, but would like to study entirely online or send what i need to via email/snail mail.

Just wondered what companies out there are gen ones which i could look at?


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not gcse's but [url][/url]
it might be offers free courses.
they do good courses great support.
i have doen two of them so ny questions im here

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Thanks will have a look in a little while at this site!

Just some thoughts:
Check out with your local school to see what they could do to help you.
Look at evening or day classes.Lots of these available locally and child care can be a bit easier if it's just 1 or 2 hours a week. Partner/mum/whatever could help.
Depending upon where you are, colleges etc often have a free/nominal charge creche.
See what's available from your local jobcentre in terms of training/financial help.
Seek advice on what qualifications to take - do you want to just get your brain going again or do you want to improve your qualifications for getting back to work in the future.
Open University course are available on-line but are quite pricey.
I think that the thing to do is to figure out exactly what you want to do in terms of studies and outcomes and then see what help is availabe and then organise to be able to do it.
Sorry, if this sounds a bit preachey. Good luck:)

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Thanks for advice, i couldnt even do evening classes due to my husband working evenings as well as days as he is in the catering business. I have noone else to look after my children near me either which makes it harder. I have 5 boys 2 of which have special needs which are hard work as well.
I would like to better myself and get my brain going as i would like to maybe in a few yrs go back to work but at the moment its not really possible for it to happen as i would pay out more childcare than i earn and it would eat into my husbands wages as well.
I currently get tax credits so i could get financial help with several courses but just need to really do one online that i can do at night time when the kids are settled into bed and occasionally when my 3yr old is at nursery and my 23mth old is having a nap in the day time. I need something to kick my brain again as im turning into a numbskull with parenting for 10yrs nearly now lol…164
So, just want to kick start the brain!!:)
If you can get help with payment OU may well be a possibility - they have courses at all sorts of levels and you get the proper feedback if you want it.
Link is just a suggestion. Have a look at some of the others. There may be something that grabs your attention.

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Thanks will have a good look at it after i fed my brood of monsters lol
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