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Found 19th Jan
Haven't done an online shop in a long while, but today I saw on Asda that they charged me like £5-6 odd for "pick, pack & deliver". The £1 to deliver I'm familiar with but since when did the remaining £4 to pick and pack come into effect?

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That's just what they call it, £5/6 is a fairly standard charge for all supermarkets depending on what day of the week and time you choose e.g. it will be cheaper on Monday afternoon than Saturday afternoon.
Phone them and ask then feel all happy knowing you know.
I’m with Tesco shopping and if u do flexi delivery it costs £1.50. Not sure if Asda do the same, or though the week. Delivery is cheaper
Always been variable delivery charges. You just need to be more observant when choosing your slot. Its as clear as it could possibly be really.
Depending how far is the supermarket from your house and how flexible you are with the delivery time you can find some supermarkets that charge you only 1 pound for the delivery. (asda, morrisons, ...)
You could just go to the supermarket and buy it yourself
Slots have different prices... Depends on the day of the week and time. It's the same with every supermarket.

Only Tesco has an option to choose flexi delivery, which means the slot isn't 1 hour but 3 or so so it costs less and as far as I could see when shopping they're also the only ones who do same day delivery if you book before 1pm on the day.
1st world problems eh
they add an extra surcharge if your order is under a certain amount, sounds like it may be that
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