Online HD-DVD Rentals..?

    Just ordered me a HD-DVD add-on drive for my 360, well chuffed
    Lol anyway, i was just looking around for places to rent HD-DVDs online and Amazon seems to offer the best price for what I want (4 a month, max. 2 at once; £6.99 a month) - I emailed them a few days ago, but received no reply, so I may as well try my hand here

    Does anyone know if they charge extra for the HD-DVDs? Or can I just add them to my basket like I would a normal DVD, and get it at the same price ?
    Thanks in advance :thumbsup:


    Why not get a free 3 month trial for love film and then renew it for free every month?

    Original Poster

    haha i was just browsing the posts here and that is what it looks like i'm gonna do! *sigh* i love this place
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