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I currently use Imagestation from Sony, but this is shutting down and I wanted to check who uses what and what is a good site - currently it doesnt seem to restrict my space and I can use it to store all my ebay images and link them to there.

Anyone have any preferences, good or bad feedback??

Thanks in advance



[url][/url] (I think)


(I think)

Actually it's .us not .com


Actually it's .us not .com

Yep, it's]http//im…us/:thumbsup:

I use and have never had a problem:thumbsup:


But its got really slow in the last few months, so use a different one.

Yeah i've noticed it slow recently, I prefer Photobucket :thumbsup:

i prefer (google)

Yup Picasa is good. You can also blog from it and any photos used in the blog automatically go into a blog album.

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Thanks Guys, for the ideas, I'll give one a go, really I only use the one I have to upload and link to the photos' rather than to my own website

Actually just a quick question, If i link images say from ebay to my own web site, would this class as a person accessing the webpage and up my google rep??? does any one know?

For free storage I use Photobucket, I generally find them to be good.

I use Smugmug for my image hosting, it's not free but it's unlimited transfers (or at least a high volume) and their customer support is excellent.


AOL had one if you happen to have AOL,I'm not sure if you can use it if you not got AOL,I just recall it when I had AOL as ISP but changed a few mths ago.

Yeh you can have 1 if you not with AOL

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Currently with Ntlworld, sorry should say Virgin media nowadays - however moving to Cornwall so will have to switch to BT - but that will be another question for the forum
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