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Found 9th Nov 2008
Hi guys,

Wanting a bit of advice, there are two online retailers...

E2Save and

Both claim to be owned by the Carphone Warhouse,

Has anyone had experience of these lot? Seen a phone i Want listed on the latter site, makes it a decent deal with cash back, but want some reputable advice before hand...ta
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I used e2save for a number of years. Stick to the terms of the cashback and you should be good, customer services seem fairly competent. I had a problem with one of the cashback payments, but after a chat with customer services it was sorted.
yep used e2 save before did not have prolems getting money back but follow their guidelines in claiming your cashback to the letter.
money does take around 30 days to come through after claiming.
use registered post to send your claims and keep receipt from post office.
use their tokens they will send you to claim each quarters cashback, thats what i had to do.
stick to their claims procedure and do not deviate you will see your money back.
hope it helps:thumbsup:
Cheers peeps, also does anyone know much about the other company? As they have the far better deal on lol
Looking at myself. Have you tried Duckmagic's website for feedback?

He's always finding deals and collates feedback on them, though I dunno if this one's listed.
Had a look, good info on there but unfortunately nothing about
Having looked further, they have won awards from Mobilenews which looks to be a reputable source.... I will bite the bullet and order with them.
Will bite the bullet myself in a week or so.

What's the deal you've found?
ive ordered two mobiles in the last month first one with auto cashback which i havnt received yet second one with free laptop which came with the phone,
i am getting in contact with them regarding cashback so will let you all know how they reply.
Cheers, I want the Samsung i8510 phone which I have seen on there. With either 6 or 8months half price line rental via cashback. My dillema is Orange or O2??? Who are better when it comes to renewals? I know o2 are good as are orange as my parents have them so either way its ok.

Moreover if I go by their rules, I should get my cashback right? Im sticking to their £35 quid a month contract as in the worst case scenario Im only paying what I would at say CPW for example...other sites are making me sign up to a pricier tariff. Ie E2 Save.
Hard to advise. I got a deal with O2 whereby once my contract finished they offered me a 12 month deal with 75 free mins / 100 texts a month. I gave it to my wife to use,

I've just finished with Orange and got no deal...had to switch to a PAYG deal until I found somethng decent.

Cashbacks are dependent o the middle man concerned. I'm wary of E2save as I read a lot of people are suing to get their money back. So my choice would be as I've not found much about them negative or otherwise.

I'm looking at T-mobile and web n walk for my next contract, and I'll trade the phone at cex and get £40 Quidco. Total cost of about £30 for the year.

Best advice is to follow the cashback terms to the letter, send your bills back signed for, and keep a diary.

One company that's got loads of offers is Beepy, but they are too new for me to look at seriously.
Good advice Joss. I have done cashback deals in the past and touchwood all have been ok for me because I followed their rules exactly. Including the now bankrupt!! Another company I know of...slightly more local.... DMC, based in Bolton, Bradford and a few other places. Might not be affiliated to a large FTSE100 company but they are family have had contracts with them for years and always been spot on. My most recent deal with them...they gave me the post dated cheques within two weeks of my contract to cash at the appropriate times!
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