Online review left for wrong company - what can I do?

    I always find the HUKD gang very knowledgeable with their advice:

    My company recently got a bad online review from someone, however, the review was left for the wrong company. Unfortunately both my company and the company the feedback was left for share a similar name. The reviewer stated about a faulty mobile phone - we do not sell mobiles, so it is impossible that the item was purchased from us.

    Cutting story short. I contacted twice the review company (trustpilot) explaining that the reviewer left the review to the wrong company, I have overwhelming evidence to prove this as the reviewer mentioned contact names of the other company, yet they wont even reply to my emails. What legal rights do I have as this is damaging towards my business - and we have done nothing wrong, only to share a similar name


    Buy something from yourself, leave a review and mention the bad review regarding mobiles etc....

    Can you not ask the customer to remove it via trustpolit maybe point they in the right direction where they can leave the review for correct customer

    or report it to them as a fake review maybe you could have it removed that way

    you could also leave a comment on the review explaing it's not you company etc.

    hahha!!! ask the owners of this site - they have had loads removed from there X)

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    hummm, thanks for your comments. Just contacted them again - see what the outcome is.
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