Online stores with free worldwide shipping?

    Hey everyone,

    I live in Australia and like to buy stuff in from the UK because it's way cheaper. Currently i use the most as it has a good Quidco and has free worldwide shipping, does anyone else know of some good stores like mymemory with free worldwide shipping? ( there prices must be good too!)

    I appreciate any help, I'll do my best to help anyone else with any queries they might have.



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    Thanks Carley,

    I have used these guys before, they are cheap but take a long time to deliver and they also do not stock ps3 games, blu-rays etc. I should have been more specific about what i like to buy. Thanks again.

    Anyone else?

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    i have tried to buy off play, when i go to register, australia is not in the list of countries? Looked at CD Wow but their prices are not as good as mymemory.

    I ran into the same problem and found an awesome site that acts like some kind of search engine for free shipping products: You can just search for any product you look for and only results are displayed that come with free worldwide shipping! Easy as that.
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