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    Hi, does anyone out there currently complete on line surveys for cash on a regular basis, if you do, can you recommend any of the companies to use ?


    i use valued opinions, i get about £10 every 2 months, but i do a survey about once a week maybe 2 a week.


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    how much do you ususally make through this one

    I use globaltestmarket I get about 30 every 3months ish

    lightspeed aint too bad. Survey's bout 2-3 times a month, maybe more. Earn points which can be exchanged for goods or gift vouchers.
    I've had £120 in gift vouchers in past 3 years...

    Im with Pinecone Research/Lightspeed and Tonuna - they are all great

    ipsos is who i use and they seem great so far!

    Lightspeed, ipoints, pureprofile. I get around £5/month.



    +1 but you need to build up £50 before u get any dough

    I did bmr's buying survey (not online) through post and got £20cash for it. took AAAGES to complete the chucnky book..are online surveys mega long and worth the hassle?!

    I used to use, not done it in a while though. I don't think you get cash rewards, just vouchers and goods from what I remember...
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