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so has anyone ever joined the likes of zatzat etc? can you make money filling out surveys? I am working from home at the moment and work is slow so was thinking about earning a few extra quid while I am doing nothing, is it that easy? is it a scam? is it worth it?


One Poll is good.

Pinecone is the best. Yougov is good.

I personally used Yougov and Valued Opinions, though VO was sometimes quite slow to put the payment into the virtual account. Sometimes you'd go days without qualifing for a survery, and then you might get two or three in a row.

It's worth doing if you have a spare half an hour or so. Over the course or two or three months I got 30quid in Amazon vouchers for doing it for around 30 mins or so in the evening. I think I kinda lucked out a bit as well, as sometimes I qualified for £2.50 rewards and once a fiver.

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How much can you get payed for doing these surveys?

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dooesnt seem like alot of money though, tenner a month?


dooesnt seem like alot of money though, tenner a month?

Aye true enough, but that was just what I got first time around. It all depends on what type of surveys you qualify for though. They usually ask you what I call 'starter' questions. Age, sex and job title and other demographic factors and if you fit their criteria you can take part in the survery. You can get surverys from 50p upto 5 quid , or at at least the ones I did.

Esentially it seems to boil down to the amount of time you put in and the type of surverys you qualify for. And I suppose luck enters it a bit. But like I said, I only did it for half an hour a day while having a ciggie and cup of joe.

I'd suggest it's worth signing upto one and giving it a shot yourself. Just try and use the more established ones mentioned in the previous posts, as there are quite a few fake ones trying to scam you for information and what not.

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I do them to earn extra money for Christmas. I generally get paid in Amazon or Argos vouchers, and I reckon I get somewhere around £250 to add to my Christmas fund. I know it's not a fortune but I tend to do them whilst watching tv, so I don't really notice the time. Valued Opinions, Global Test Market, YouGov and Ipsos are the ones I do.

might look a these myself when the kids have gone to bed
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