online trojan scanner & virus checker help

    I use firefox, but I keep getting IE pop-ups and virus messages etc. If I try to download a trojan scanner/virus checker from the web, it won't run as it says the .exe file is corrupted. Are there any progs I can run online (with Firefox). Computer seems pretty screwed up, any executable file I click now pops up a security warning & fails to run ..........aargh

    Windows Security alert pops up all the time, wanting me to scan & then pay for antivirus soft


    The windows popups are fake ,Your PC is infected
    You nee to download and run Malwarebytes,

    Run the scan in safe mode too..


    make sure popups are blocked in firefox


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    rep to you 3 who gave some advice - nearly sorted (I hope) with spyware doctor and malware running

    major baddie was some trojan fake alert that pretended to be an outside virus attacking the pc called Bankerfox.A
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