Found 1st Dec 2008
When I try to watch some online TV channels, all I get is a blank window with a small square in the upper left corner with a red X inside it.
I am able to watch some other channels OK.
Any advice on what is the problem.


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I only watch online tv from [url][/url] and [url][/url] I've not come across that, but taking a guess it could be either that the video / programme you are trying to watch, the problem is at the receiving end, i.e that it's no longer available and or not uploaded to site or it's an issue with your PC namely you don't have the right / most updated version required to access it?

Sorry can't offer a solution, hopefully someone will be able to post one for you, perhaps if you give them the site you are using?

Original Poster

Thanks for trying to help.
Actually channels that you have mentioned are fine such as itv, ch 4 etc direct from their own website.
I was talking about accessing online tv channels from sites that provide lots of tv channels from all over the world including UK such as [url][/url], [url][/url] etc.


I think you need java mate

shockwave / flash etc…IGP

untick toolbar option

Try and avoid javashit

You also might have to accept the active X warning from whichever site your trying to use player from and that is something only you can decide is safe or not.

You either don't have flash installed or have something like noScript enabled.

I have noScript installed in Firefox and have to allow things like that on sites as it helps me not get nasty things on some pages.
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