online watch shop high end

    looking to buy a tag and seen it 250 cheaper on here . these are real ??

    would i be ok buying it from here .website looks bit rubbish but reviews seems great


    Got a link to the website?
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    Send the link
    I own 3 tag ATM
    There not bad of a watch
    Just need to watch out of the fake light watches....

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    sorry forgot link

    Poor man's Omega

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    Poor man's Omega

    ​omega poor mans rolex

    could go on for ever

    whats your point

    I have a Oris i don't wear it in winter as cold makes it slowdown.

    Company seems to have a good reputation on trustpilot and they have 2 UK registered address with over 10 years trading.
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    Yep there legit

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    went with beaver brooks as ive always used them and are great .looking in depth this company source watches from ADs that cant shift stock meaning they wont come with tags 2 year warranty as the card has not been stamped in the shop .

    thanks for the help

    watch comes Wednesday
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