Online Weight Training Programmes. Has anyone bought one?

Found 7th Jan
I'm currently on FHT Programme and I'm loving it. I have done Christian Thibaudea's MMM and once I'm finished FHT planning to do Christian's Power Programme.

Has anyone enjoyed any programmes they have bought? I really like how it gets you thinking outside the box, teaches you new stuff and takes you on a journey. Links would be great!

There seem to be a good few Protein buyers here so I wondered what kinda plans you are on.

Here is an interesting free program worth a look!
The Best Damn Workout Plan for Natural Lifters
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I've done the Spartan home workout, which was actually pretty good, but I really need the motivation of leaving home to go the gym, but I guess they're good if you keep at them.
You’ll definitely lose Pounds buying an online weight training programme.
Seems like a decent program, I have brought ones online before, just cheap ones. Nowadays I just plan my own to fit my routine. Id love to see what an expensive plan has compared to a cheap one though! That would be interesting.
Predikuesi5 h, 11 m ago

You’ll definitely lose Pounds buying an online weight training programme.

I did go again my money saving instinct at first, but I took the plunge and have found FHT worth every penny.
Every work out plan you could possibly need comes down to; Common sense, forums and YouTube.

Honestly you are paying for someone to tell you the sky is blue.
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