Found 15th Apr 2008
Hello, I have a wii and am connected to the internet using a wired broadband connection. how do i use my wii online? what do i need to buy to get it online? and how much does it cost to use it? what can i do with it, whole internet access or just wii sites?
thankyou in advance for all your help:)



You can register your wii online to get wii points and you can also register games.

my wii is connected to my wireless network & I might be wrong but I can't find a ethernet port on mine so it might have to be wireless which is a little odd.

As for what you can do, the web browser you have to pay for now (it was free during the beta trials) but it's a opera browser giving you access to the whole internet, however it does lack a few things so some sites don't work properly if they need boltons such as quicktime ect, but for general web browsing it works fine.

Apart from that it's online play for any games that support it & you can share wii charactors ect.

I don't really use mine online since I got the 360 but my GF uses it as a web browser when my laptops not around to check her emails & this site ect.


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thanks for the info worto, how much does it cost for browsing?

If you have a PC you can hook this up to your computer…e=0
or you can get a…tml
If you need any help or more details about these just send us a PM

It's about £12 for a wii points card which has 2000 points on it.

I think the browser costs 500 points but I'm not 100% as I didn't have to pay cuz it was still in beta. then they gave all beta customers a free upgrade to the full version.

You'll probably find something in the virtual console (old games download section) to spend the rest of the points on :-

here's some info ]http//en…ii)

and a list of games availiable ]http//ww…mes

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