Only certain allowed vendors in the deals section?


Is there a limit to which shops are allowed to be mentioned in the deals forum? I appreciate it looked dodgy (new member, new shop), but I posted a genuine deal which seemed to get removed within minutes of being posted.

Is there any way of re-posting without getting it removed again? I was only trying to give something back to a forum which has given (or should that be taken away ) to me in the last couple of years.



It will have been removed by the mods to check out a new member posting a new company.

Often new members try to post stuff for self promotion, which isnt allowed.

If everything is fine, it'll be put back.

If its self promotion your account will be closed.

Thats the way it works!


When a new merchant is added we (the MODs) often remove the post from normal forum view to verify that the merchant meets HUKD criteria & we may also PM the OP for further information. If a post is removed please don't repost but if you don't receive a PM shortly after from a MOD you can use the button to see why it was removed. Just some of the reasons why a merchant can't be listed on HUKD :
Please note, we do not allow:

1. Referrals
2. 3rd party affiliate links
3. Amazon marketplace / Playtrade deals
4. eBay auctions / eBay based sellers
5. Self-promotion of any kind
6. Spam
7. Non-UK sites (excluding a few major sites, pre-approved by admin)

Also Duplicates, for example, can be member spammed & will be removed from view as well.


Update : I've just checked & your post is just currently being MOD approved now, :thumbsup:

Original Poster

Cheers guy's - glad to here I haven't been marked as a spammer



Cheers guy's - glad to here I haven't been marked as a spammer

LOL.. well done m8.

Usually new posters complaining end up being self promotion!

So high 5 and welcome to HUKD.:thumbsup:
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