Only fools and horses

    Does anyone know the name of the only fools and horses with the chandellier?

    is it from one of the 7 series or is it a special

    Thanks in advance


    A Touch of Glass
    Transmitted: 2.12.1982

    series 2

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    thank you 4 much, rep left for the help

    no problem, OH is a devoted fan,!!!!

    omg that was an awesome one!! loved it! And i like the peckham springs one! LOL oh and dont forget batman and robin! LOL
    dont ya just love delboy

    mange tout! mange tout!!

    Original Poster

    yeah its such a good show. getting my dad it for xmas meaning i can watch them all again

    Original Poster

    on this subject which would be better to get

    the set containing series 1-7 (39 pounds)
    or the one with 1-7 plus xmas specials (99 pounds)

    he dont watch dvd's al that much but is a fan of the show. Can anyone tell me of anywhere i can get them cheaper than zavvi (take of 10% of those prices (student discounts) so that would be cheaper than 35.10 or 89.10)

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    cheers tho think i mite just get from zavvi cos if it comes in the post he's sure to open it lol
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