Only fools and Horses - complete Box set ( with specials ect)

Found 28th Nov 2009
Just wondering if anybody knew of any deals on this set.....


its £89.99 in hmv..... was looking for it a bit cheaper if anyone can help!?

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I think Zavvi got it a bit cheaper, check them on line

I can't see link as I'm on my iPhone. However if this the one in leopard print. It's £40 at asda and £60 at Tesco

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it is the leopard print one!! £40 in Asda?!?!?! thats a steal, my local Asda hardly ever has any dvd's but i will check tomorrow if you know of a store with it, then please let me know!

tesco in store had them cheap,,, cant remember the actual price,, around 40 quid ish,, they have some great deals at mo on box sets,,,

i was shocked when i seen these so cheap think asda is £38

Yes.... I seen them in the Oak Tree Lane,Mansfield branch of Tesco & they were cheap enough around the £40 mark. ...LuvlyJubbly

here are the normal series 1 to 7 for £25 if that helps, play do the specials sepratly too ]http//ww…NTJ

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thanks for everyones help pff tp asda's this morning until i find one!
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