Only Fools and Horses - Complete Collection

    hey guys im looking for this dvd box set containing every single OFAH episode ever made, cheapest i've found it is on @ £137.99 (excludin quidco's 2%) can ne1 help find it cheaper?


    [SIZE=2]It is £136.89 at The Hut ]http//ww…uct. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]And in theory you get 10% Quidco cash back at the moment - s[/SIZE][SIZE=2]o thats £123.20.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2](I say in theory as I have only bought something once through QuidCo and The Hut and today I notice the QuidCo payment has been 'declined' I am not sure why. It's only 90p declined so I am not too bothered.)[/SIZE]

    There is also a slightly different version - I think it contains on ly the shows from series 1 - 7, here at ][COLOR=blue]CD-WOW[/COLOR]: for £59.99 or less with vouchers

    EDIT - oops just re-read your first post to see that's not what you want...sorry! I think Daves is the best deal at the mo

    Original Poster

    thnx dave.... im gonna keep looking for a bit i can't afford to pay more then £110 at the moment.
    lol no worries emma... im fussy i want the whole collection in one
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