Only Fools and Horses Trading The Board Game - Need better instructions!

Posted 10th Dec 2021
Has anyone else bought this? Specifically do they know how to play it?

We tested it tonight but the instructions REALLY do not make sense (and it wasn't just me being thick lol), in particular the trading part.

Don't want to hate on the product or the deal above as love only fools but playing it it (ironically) feels like something is missing (I blame Del haha).

I researched it online (as my family astonishingly and against the odds tried to carry on playing it lol) and there seems to be other versions of the game, wonder if somehow the instructions got mingled with something else. Was hoping for a better version of the instructions, or at least some pointers on how the trading aspect works but nowt (although someone did helpfully point out that it works essentially like top trumps).

Online reviews seem to be a mix of people who bought the game and love it (I think they maybe gift givers rather than receivers) and another (slightly larger) group of people who either want to bin it, burn it or stick it in the attic.

Strangely enough the cards were all wrapped (as was the board ) but there were three (pukka product) cards loose, as though something had been corrected.

Anyone else opened and tried theirs or are you all waiting to try this headache inducing abomination over the holidays?
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