only - yes ONLY 145 days till Xmas

    Christmas comes early for shoppers in Oxford Street
    A Christmas bauble Customers can paint their own baubles should they wish, the store says

    One of the country's top stores is to start its Christmas trading 145 days before the holiday.

    Selfridges in Oxford Street will launch its Christmas season on 2 August - its earliest-ever start for the store.

    People keen to plan ahead can purchase trees, crackers, fairy lights or even a £500 life-size donkey.

    The store said previous sales had shown some customers, especially overseas tourists, started thinking about Christmas during August.



    Time to start planning

    Ha Ha, was in Stratford today and went to the Nutcracker christmas shop - can get your christmas stuff all year round from there :-)

    Wow, it's getting earlier & earlier every year!

    ok you can lock this thread now, as i dont want to be hearing or reading about christmas at all, let alone in July !!!

    Is it really??? :-(

    Shopping days!!

    Holly - I think it's the naughty step for you. No more talk of Christmas for a few months please. Most proper HUKDers did their Christams shopping in the last Jan sales anyway!!

    *selection of smilies to show humour and wit*
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