oooh didn't realise how summery this tune is!

    Just kicking back after doing some gardening work today, got this song blasting out with a huge glass of blackcurrant and the fan on full blast...



    Incubus are cracking live.

    What song is it? I can't watch you tube at work?

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    Incubus are cracking live.

    I've always loved it, just never realised how summery it is, I'm really chilling now. lol

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    What song is it? I can't watch you tube at work?

    Incubus - Are you in. :thumbsup:

    Cool Song!:thumbsup: the album version is quite long!

    I love "wish you were here" by incubus!

    Saw Incubus a few years back at the Bristol Fleece and Firkin. 2nd best gig i ever went to.

    "Pardon Me" is awesome.

    Ooooh. Bargain…tml

    Got to be worth posting..... so i did. lol
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