oooh lovely fireworks!!! Happy new year!!!

    lol well since the lovely people on my street are doing lots of fireworks and i cant get to sleep, i thought why not wish this lovely community a happy new year!

    I hope everyone has an excellent year and remember the old wise words "stay safe"

    Happy new year


    Original Poster

    well the fireworks started around 11pm and are still going on like there is no tomorrow. lol am starting to like it.. (just look out of the window and see the dark sky light up!)

    All done my end.... I hope! Happy new year

    As my old Grandad used to say - " Its like bloody Beruit round here":-D

    Balls to the fireworks !
    Not being a killjoy (much) but its been like a bad night on the Gaza strip round here tonight,they've reduced both of my girls to tears coz they've saved the loud ones till last.

    Three years ago I would've been firing rockets out of my back garden too so I cant complain - jus gotta deal with it :x

    Happy new year to all and can someone invent some spectacular (really quiet) fireworks please :whistling:


    Proper fireworks - nicely done to the street.:thumbsup: A lot better than lobbing devices off balconies, I can tell you.

    YEAH,they're the kind I like :thumbsup:


    happy new year x
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