Oooh thats awkward - Footy gets very personal!!

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Found 14th Dec 2014
Footballer in Kuwait sticks finger up opponent’s bum in bizarre mid-game challenge

A truly below-the-belt incident has taken place in Kuwait after one player was spotted jabbing his finger up an opponent’s bum mid-game.

Both players fall to the floor after contesting an aerial ball, and one doesn’t take too kindly to the challenge as he commits what might just already be the weirdest foul of the season.

There also appears to be a hint of a bite in there as well, and the victim unsurprisingly reacts pretty angrily to the whole incident.


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oO wtf....


Is this sort of thing common over there?

Type John Hopoate into youtube.

The bloke's laugh is funnier than the video X)

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Seems some sportsmen have a taste for this kind of dirty tackling

player denied offence but ref not having it, sniffed his finger then had no choice but to send him off..

Welcome ladies and gents to the future of football!

I don't understand why the victim didn't deck him. When he got sent off for that, he could raise a civil case for sexual assault & get him put on a sex register.

Mind you, the way footballers fall over, "they dive like a girl"

You see, Luis Suarez isnt so bad after all
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