Oooooooh some potential buyers annoy me

    Listed a perfectly good tv only 2 months old which goes for oever 350 on Ebay then 25 postage, wanted 300 collected and got people trying to knock down price for silly reasons.

    One was that there is 2 verrsions of the tv and as mine is the not as good one its not good enough to pay full price so they want a huge discount.

    Other was that I listed the tv a few weeks back and was only offered 200 for it so therefore they want to pay less than that, when that was a different smaller older model tv of the same brand

    Another buyer goes they live locally but im selling too expensive and they want a huge price drop or they arent interested.


    Tell them to shove off. Either offer a decent price or go and bother someone else :thumbsup:

    I would probably ask if you would take less but if you said , no then i would probably go for it anyway if i really wanted the item. I suppose i ask as i assume some buyers will put the price up to begin with then they can knock it down a bit

    Will £20 do it?:p


    Take the rough with the smooth, treat it as a free bump :thumbsup:


    Take the rough with the smooth, treat it as a free bump :thumbsup:


    my girlfriend says I'm always after a free bump, so yeh, take what you can ;-)

    do what managers in football manager do, up the price for them......oooooo i hat that in FM, player value is £1.4m, i offer £2m, they say £2.8m, i renegotiate £2.2m they say £3.5m.
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