Ooops didnt realise how drunk I was Friday

    Till I saw some pics of me taken by friends, one where the girlfriend of my flatmate was kissing my cheek other where I look wasted and waving where she had hers arms around me as if she was holding me close.

    And me with a grinning face in loads of pics.and with my face all red and shinby with sweat and looking with a smile like Mr Beans lol


    you cant say that without sharing the photos...come on lol get posting

    this thread fails without pics.


    you cant say that without sharing the photos...come on lol get posting

    What bella said! :whistling:

    Original Poster Banned

    I wont post pics as Im paranoid about people who know me seeing me lol.

    I must of looked really stupid no wonder the people from my halls were giggling at me today(the ones I got drunk with and the pics were put up on facebook today

    Without photos this thread needs to be closed.....

    lock thread please hehe

    and please ban the op

    he's just not contributing well enough to this forum..........:whistling:

    where are all the awesome fail pics?!!

    ....and send them to MSE.

    bella maybe its his imagination?!?!


    The sad truth is; both his flatmate, and his flatmate's girlfriend trust him like a brother.

    .......and he thinks its funny....

    we r disgusted drbluebox.... disgusted :shock: :viking: :geek:...

    Original Poster Banned

    Lol not posting the pics as people could find out all about me from facebook easily then.

    I knew I as drunk and dancing with the girl and remember her trying to kiss me but I dont remember looking so gormless and mr bean like.

    ppl are gonna look at ur fotos and then hunt u down on facebook..... i know we r a sad bunch..but give us some more credit then to have that much time on our hands! hehe

    blot out your face:) we still need pics...


    blot out your face:) we still need pics...

    pics or negs

    put a black line on ur eyes... its weird

    nice ns!
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