Found 10th Nov 2016
Any op3 owners out there can help.
So op3 advertise you can charge the battery fully in 30 mins. When I first got it start of October this seemed to be about correct.
However now I'm noticing it's not quite as fast.
Then today I was charging for 20 mins and only went from 28% to 53%
That can't be right!? And certainly falls below advertised spec. Is something wrong with the phone or charger?

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You should contact op support because my op3 does 0-63 in around 30 mins

if your using your phone while charging, watching youtube clips, videos, listening to music, then you won't get 0-60 in 30 mins.

Mine is working fine, as advertised.

I don't know where you read that, but quick charge doesn't charge the battery fully in 30 mins, it charges ~63%!

As above mine does to about 63 in 30 . Fuly in about 50.yours does sound slow though.ndoes it say dash charge at the bottom of the lock screen when charging?

Are you using the supplied charger?

As people have said it was never advertised as a full charge in 30 minutes, more like 50 minutes.

Someone didn't read the advert! A days use does not equate to 100% in one plus world

I have a OP2 and had a similar issues. Although it does not have dash charging, I did notice that the phone would take a lot longer to charge after about 6 months. Turned out that my wire had become damaged.
Are you still using the original charger and charging cable that come with the phone? Your wire might also be damaged.
Try to remove the charger from the socket for about 2 hours and then reconnect and try again. Make sure it is plugged directly into a wall socket and not an extension or splitter socket. If this all fails then I would recommend that you buy a new good quality charger and test that.
I have tried some different chargers out there and you really need to spend the money to get a charger which even comes close to doing the job.
I can't see any reason why the phone would have any fault that would cause such an issue.
Hope that helps.
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