Open evening??????

    Hey all

    bit of a random question but am wondering if any of you knowledgeable peoplpe in hukd can help me out

    ive applied 4 a summer job in argos extra stores and they rang yesterday informing me i was invited to an opening evening in their store come sat night.

    I have no idea of what this open day entails or requires and was somewhat afriad to ask...

    Anyone heard of these opening evenings before???

    thanks in advance guys!!



    Basically, some employers (mainly shops) hold open events as they have so many applicants for jobs. It's a way for them to make an initial screen.

    Remember, you are going to see your potential employer for maybe the first time. So, be smart, don't do anything stupid and try and make friends.

    Thats exactly what it is. Looking to see your inter personal skills, ability to talk to people you dont know etc just as if you were talking to a customer. Good luck!
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