Opened or Unopened Box?

    Hi All,

    Ive just listed a BNIB mobile phone thats not even been taken out of the box nor has the box been opened, security tag/sticker is still intact.

    The thread has now been locked due to the fact that you cant actually see the phone. Surely, the buyer will rather open a Brand New item themselves, maybe its just me but there is something good about opening something new!

    I had the handset for sale elsewhere for a couple of days and no one on there had an issue with it being unopened, so why here?

    Ive mentioned it before and I will say it again, HUKD or the Mods are becoming a joke with its excessive rules!


    can I ask what you would do if you sent a sealed box and the buyer claimed there was no phone/accessories in the box?could you prove otherwise?we are trying to protect EVERYONE here-however if you submit a pic of the intact seal on the box we may review

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    In regards to someone claiming no phone being in a sealed box, what to stop someone saying they were sent a brick in a box that was open


    As Barky has pointed out - a pic showing the seal and with username/dated will be suffice for now. As always, buyers/sellers need to review the trading rules in full prior to trade completion.

    Thread locked. The original thread also remains locked till the above supplied.

    Thanks for your patience.



    Threads closed due to current live valuation thread (although I've now closed).

    Trading rules apply to valuations in misc. Please ensure you're familiar with the rules, you've had several opportunities to review.

    If you need any further clarification or assistance with future listings, do please give us a shout.…758

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