Opening a DS lite

    I dropped my DS lite on the floor and i can hear something rattling inside and the power wont turn on. The screen is in perfect condition so is the casing.

    I looked at the screws holding the casing in place and they are like werid ones. Obviously security screws but dont look like torx.

    Can anyone help me open it?



    You'll need a tri-wing screwdriver, dealextreme do em. Or I've got one you can borrow if not (but for the cost of the postage you might be aswell buying one)

    try looking at videos on you is one:…yFQ there are quite a few on there. good luck

    Careful not to lose the spring bits on the shoulder buttons as they can ping off for miles.

    Original Poster

    cheers peeeps, The thing is i might no be able to sort the power problem so i might send it back to nintendo to fix it, think it costs between £25-55 so hopefully its an easy and cheap solution!
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