Operation flashpoint 3rd mission HELP

Bought this game yesterday really enjoying it but the third mission is a killer ! im at the last objective of secure beachhead and i find it impossible !. i either die or the enemy capture the beachhead. does anyone have a good strategy for this ?


yes, post the game to me so i can play it and I will let you know how to complete it after I have completed it :-D

you tried game faqs ?

what i did was take the first group out with just my rifle (came up to the trees and used them for cover)
Once the tank gets blown up behind you, you need to make your way back to either the building with two doors behind the barn, or one of the other ones with windows and doors.
Make sure your team are following you, once your in the building stay low to avoid being shot through the window.
I planted claymores at each entrance to make sure i didn't get suprised. Oh and once your in the house use the saw, its automatic rate of fire kills the guys coming through the doors much quicker than your issued rifle.

Good luck mate, took me a fair few trys to get it, but thats how i ended up doing it.

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JUST completed it , after hours of trying , i complete it first go after i post , i ordered my team to defend the areas with most enemies (usually the south, SW) coming in and i ran from East to West using the mounted gun on the EAST side. my main problem was my ammo, i am running low from the checkpoint so have to use single fire rate.

Is this game actually any good?


Is this game actually any good?

im loving it:thumbsup:

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very hard tho! if you are a COD man like myself it is hard to get used to commanding a team to make life easier for yourself. Im used to going in guns blazing haha

Can you command them with your headset?


Can you command them with your headset?

no its all done through the dpad.
Like you could do with socom :thumbsup:


no its all done through the dpad.Like you could do with socom :thumbsup:

Damn lool, still fine I may consider this just seen a video thanks :thumbsup:
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