Opinion - Is technology to blame for Obesity?

Found 18th Feb 2010
Currently writing an article on the issue, and know you lot are way into your gadgets - Need some serious opinions on the matter?

So.. Is 21st Century Technology to blame for the bulge?
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any obese person clearly eats the wrong food with no moderation at all..

their attitude also plays a part in their obesity , i.e ill take the car to to the shop 5 minutes away (no joke..)

if everyone walked to most places they'd at least get a slight workout and burn some calories

people are moaning that fast food is to blame also, its the I'll have it most nights that will get you fat, its all about MODERATION.
Not to blame.....just an excuse.
People have only got themselves to blame, though tech prob.doesn't help if people get into tv dinner lifestyles!
technology like anything can be used inappropriately and cause more harm than good.
Cheap crap poor quality food(and lots of it) is the main reason,lack of education in how to live a healthy lifestyle and eat better,people expect quick fixes if there is a problem through gastric band surgery and the like.

Also decline of manual labour type jobs lead to people leading a totally sedentary lifestyle
Lots of adverts for fatty food on the internet and the TV :-(
Laziness and apathy causes obesity. If you are that way inclined anyway, then no amount of technology will affect your attitude towards food and excercise. Those with a healthy outlook will use technology to enhance an already healthy lifestyle.
More people sat on there behinds emailing instead of walking to the post box.

Also office workers sending an email instead of getting off their behinds to walk across the office.

Also people not needing to fill in paperwork and file it, like they used to do.
Partly yes. When I was a kid I went to my friends house to see if they were coming out to play, now they just use their mobiles to phone each other.

But the main reasons are parenting and the change in working life style.
It's a contributory factor, but it isn't wholly to blame.
yes, the technology to make bigger cakes at cheaper prices is to blame.
Whilst I think most of the above obviously has had an effect on the amount of exercise people get in there day to day lives, there has also been a lot of changes in society that may have compensated for these effects.

There are definitely more fitness clubs/ gyms than there were 10/20 years ago.
More sporting opportunities at primary and secondary schools.... they now have a target of 5 hours per week.. including after school activities... most aiming at 3 hours directed time within school hours.
We know more about the food we eat.

So... its all about choices, as it's always been. Maybe the above positive changes actually only lead to the fitter getting fitter, and the unhealthy getting more unhealthy?..
considering you only mentioned

technology leading to obesity

and are not bothered about the other factors

then you can argue that technology had a part in obesity, but not to blame fully because (then mention the comments above)

why tech had part in obes?

discuss things like the modernisation of virtual communication and online lifestyles etc etc facebook tweeter etc etc games and consoles and more money etc etc
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