Opinion on this HP laptop?

    Hi everyone,

    just wanted some opinions on this laptop (HP Probook 455 G3 Laptop ) :…abu

    I wanted a decent laptop for around £300, just for general work, but with a little bit more power..i've had multiple HP laptops in the past, all ended up breaking apart...but i've been told the build quality on this is really good.



    Go for Toshiba - much better than hp

    Well to some extent I agree with the above but HP are robust too. The thing with HP you need to consider is what exactly is inside that laptop because each model can have 100s of specs options agreed with the retailer. So it's very hard to determine value of one to another. For example last year the was what seemed an amazing price for an i7 HP at currys and product details said it was a dedicated video card but it wasn't it was a cut down version on offered via Currys. I researched that via HP and told Currys their product details where wrong, even they didn't know.

    But I'm typing this on a HP pavilion G6 I bought as a stop gap 3 years ago and it's still working fine, although on linux not windows anymore :-)

    HP Probooks - Elitebooks - Ultrabooks are the high end of HP laptops. The DV series are no way near as good in built quality.

    I refurbish laptops and always try and get Probook's 6460b/4520s and such like.

    These are made from military grade aluminium (check specs on that, don't take my word for it) I've had a few with bad GPU's but these are much older 4525's. The newer A6-A10 or 2nd gen intels and up are very solid.

    These 455 series are pretty much the same just newer design, still very solid and not plastic.

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    Thanks everyone for the input!

    HP seem to have a lot of issues with wonky drivers, poor pre-configurations too (e.g. wifi adaptor working very poorly, not working), so be aware of this if you are not confident resolving this kind of thing.
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