Opinions on a Mobile phone contract deal that I've been offered?

I am currently with Vodafone. Spoke to an advisor online and these are the deals they offered me. The Sony Xperia Z3 Compact for free, unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, 1 GB of data, first month for free and Free delivery on the phone. Monthly cost at £16.50. Sounded like a good deal to me? They also offered the Samsung galaxy S5 mini on the same deal but at £15.00 a month. But the Sony seems to have the stronger reviews?


Both are great phones
But I am sure that the Galaxy S5 was voted best phone on the market - but dont know about the S5 mini

Go for the Sony! All mini versions of phones have a reduced spec and are only slightly smaller than the original. the Z3 mini has an almost matching spec. I've got the original Z3 and can honestly say that it is the best phone that I've ever had - I was always a Samsung person before I converted and can't see myself going back.

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Thanks i appreciate the advice

How long have you had the contract for?

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I haven't yet, this is a contract i am enquiring about

Did you cold call Vodafone? Just phoned up and say I'd like to be on your network what can you do for me?? I've been looking for a good deal on Xperia z3 compact and like many ppl have been v disappointed with the deals available at moment. At £16.50 I'd have snatched their hand off. Be grateful for your reply - might be doing some phoning round later!!

Oh just re-read OP it's a retention deal (I'd only read that you weren't in a contract from your reply to mclovin) Orange offered me a pants deal as they're trying to move ppl to EE :-(
Thanks anyway

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I was in the last month of my contract with Vodafone and i said that i was thinking of leaving and this is what they offered me. Yeah, it was a great deal i thought Good luck with yours!
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