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Found 1st May 2006
Been a trooper myself today. knuckled down with my CSS and transforming my dull Links into a Menu.

What do u think so far ?
From this - troublefreetraveladvisor.com/web…php

To This

In Firefox, menu is better as the Hover over turns a Goldy colour to match my Logo.

All opinions welcome, work in progress

PS All the linked pages need transforming to suit my new Design.

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sorry to tell you, but i'm currently using internet explorer 7.0 beta version, and the rollover images for the links on the left don't look too good at all. Either they aren't lined up or something, but they don't look so great. Sorry..

check out the screenshots of what i mean:



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hmm so ive still got things to do to make compatible across all browsers.

I was told not to code around IE, to do it around firefox and then fix the bits that IE doesnt understand.If you see it in Firefox, let me know wot u think despite the IE problems

Thakyou Emma

just tried it in firefox and the rollovers line up horizontally, but are aligned to the left I think, on the vertical plane. Hope that helps.

I get the same effect in Mozilla


I get the same effect in Mozilla

errr......isn't mozilla the same as firefox?

Firefox is made by Mozilla but they are two different programs; Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox.


Firefox is made by Mozilla but they are two different programs; Mozilla … Firefox is made by Mozilla but they are two different programs; Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox.

welll... you learn something new every day...

Actually Mozilla is Netscape based. I always used Netscape when I was first online and preferred it to IE. There's a new Netscape [bit bloated for most people I expect] 8.1 version out. Just downloaded it and your website is exactly the same in Netscape, Mozilla and Firefox [as it should be].

Netscape has a function where you can get it to display as IE or Firefox. If you use it Lee, you can see how it looks in both browsers.

I'd lose the graphics on the left and do something with plain text. The website looks good (simple is always good) but I think the left section (menu) looks out of place.

Just my 2 cents worth
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