Opinions on the Lenovo G510 laptop in i3, i5 or i7 spec please?

Found 22nd Mar 2014
Following on from my previous question about finding a reasonable spec i5 for under £500, I've come across this laptop is various different specs.
very.co.uk/len…=27 This is an i3, but a very reasonable spec i3 processor from very.co.uk I'm a new customer so would be eligible for 10% off and using quidco as a new customer also a further 7% cashback, taking the price down to £293
Or do I go for the better processor of either this:
or this:
and spend more money?
Could the cheap i3 version be upgraded at a later date in terms of processor, or would all the motherboard etc be specced up for the lower processor and all that would need upgrading too? Could I put a SSD in as well as the normal HDD or would it have to be exchanged?
Thank you in advance!
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Upgrading processors in laptops is not usually doable, don't buy it thinking you can just pop a more powerful cpu in later. Be careful looking at processor spec with Intel, some I3 are single core some dual core and most i5 are dual core not quad core, so some i3s are not much different to i5s if that makes sense (quite different from desktop scenario)
Am on my phone btw so can't compare your links sorry

Some I3 are single core some dual core...

Not sure they make a single core i3 do they ?

Core i3

Core i5

Core i7
As has been said, upgrading a CPU in a laptop is not that easy so should be avoided.

Normally most laptops only have one slot for a hard disk so if you want to put in an SSD you will need to take out the hard disk.

Which laptop you go for depends what you want to do with it.

If you are doing basic internet browsing, email etc (low level office stuff) then the i3 will be fine and if you can get it at a good price then go for it.

But if you need to do more CPU intensive work (video editing etc.) then go for the i5 or i7.

It really depends if spending that extra money is worth it.

You may better buying the i3 laptop and save the £200 and put it towards another laptop in 2 years time.

The life of many laptops is not that great as they get dropped, stolen, or just stop working due to being carried around all the time and being picked up and put down.

If you plan to use it at the same desk all the time it may have a longer life.
It won't be used for anything really taxing. It's mainly web browsing and office docs. So I think I'd be as well off going for the lower spec model. Unfortunately, the 10% off for new customers doesn't extend to laptops, but I'd still get the quidco cashback so would still be a good price I think?
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