Opinions on the roxi music system

Posted 19th Dec 2019
I saw an ad for the roxi music system and was tempted by it for Christmas for karaoke. It’s currently on offer for less than amazon sell it, on the roxi website. The two things that are putting me off are
1, I already have Spotify premium so wonder if there is a better set up I can use incorporating that. I have a smart tv, Xbox etc but am struggling to figure a way around it all.

2, It is a subscription so I am unsure what I will be left with music wise once first year is over and I won’t want to pay each year.

I would appreciate any advice from owners of one especially without subscriptions and those also that have a good diy set up for Spotify

Thank you in advance
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If you have sky you can play Spotify just through the telly via the app on the sky box. Can’t see the point in roxi if you have Spotify. Far more portable than roxi, just my opinion
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