Opinions on the Three/3 network in the UK

    I'm at then end of my contract with o2, and have been looking around at tariffs offered by other networks. One that has caught my eye is the £15 Texter tariff by 3 which is an 18 month contract and offers 75 minutes of calls and 600 texts. For an extra £2.50 I can also get 10mb of data useage, which is pretty handy, I like to regularly check the football scores on the weekend. With that deal is a Nokia 6120, which seems like a nifty Symbian phone (never had a smart phone before, wouldn't mind seeing what it could offer me)

    What are Three like as a network provider these days? I know a friend of mine was on their service about 3 years ago and used legal threats to get out of his contract after about 3 months. Poor service, dropped calls, phones that lasted a day before the battery died etc... Have they improved at all in the past few years?

    Ideally I'd like to stay on O2 but after speaking to one of their customer service people the other day they are playing hardball over my yearly handset upgrade. Course they might fold when I get through to disconnections, but its nice to have a back-up plan ready just in-case.

    edit: oh by the way, at the moment I'm paying O2 £15 a month, that gets me 200 minutes and 400 texts and 1mb of data allowance. The other day they offerered me a 24 month contract (no) with 50 minutes and 200 texts for £15.



    buy from somewhere like CPW that have a 14 day returns if any problems :thumbsup:

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    Bump for the evening people.
    Any Three customers out there who can provide some feedback?

    Two friends of mine are on 3 and quite happy with it - they took the £15 contract and no quibles so far - they were on PAYG before and got 'rewards' but I don't know if they apply to contracts?

    I am on 3 mate,good service, I sometimes dont get a signal for a few seconds now and again, but overall its a great service at the moment( been with then for a week).…183
    some good deals there, i went for the £20 a month texter, and just ordred me mom one now


    buy from somewhere like CPW that have a 14 day returns if any problems … buy from somewhere like CPW that have a 14 day returns if any problems :thumbsup:

    Three dont have a 14 day return option (well they do, but cant use the phone only look at it and not turn it on etc)

    Up to about 2 years ago three were possible the worse but a lot has changed since then, its the best network in the UK atm. Excellent deals with excellent coverage. If you lose the 3 signal you will log onto orange and if you manage to lose 3 and orange you will use 02uk network, all at no extra cost.
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