Opinions on this laptop please…htm?CMPID=GS001&_$ja=tsid:59158|cid:598756200|agid:24290293370|tid:pla-212777896610|crid:86846330570|nw:g|rnd:15053436678417147967|dvc:m|adp:1o2&gclid=Cj0KEQjw0f-9BRCF9-D60_n4rKcBEiQAnXW4-zpHWK0dHZ6eYb5bNcj5Y2S5cR8poJBr2WKVV1DyZysaAjRA8P8HAQ does this look any good for the money?



    Original Poster…htm or this virtually the same but diff bag and mc afee

    As you suggest not a lot of diff between the two. If £30 matters to you obviously go for the cheaper.
    Whether it is the best machine you can get for your needs is a different matter? So what is it going to be used for? Buying an over specified machine for your needs is just slightly better than buying an under specified machine.

    I wouldn't buy it, I always buy business spec laptops from eBay as they normally have rock solid build quality, great specs and are easy to fix

    If size isn't an issue then Misco are doing the HP Probook 11 with SSD and 4405U for £270 which is a good deal.

    mummyk123 or this … or this virtually the same but diff bag and mc afee…109

    The CPU is quite different. That 3825U is using the mainstream Broadwell design shared with i3/i5/i7 while the N3700 is Intel's low power design shared with the tablet Atoms.

    They have similar maximum computing power, but the 3825U's fewer, stronger cores mean it'll maintain a higher level performance across different applications.

    The N3700 is lower power though, and should eek out slightly more battery life on the same capacity battery (they're both 41Wh) as well as having the laptop heat up less.

    (I would go for the 3825U any day).

    Original Poster

    Thanls, it's for my son who will be using it for school work and gaming so it does need to be quite fast, someone told me not to go below 4gb as it would be too slow

    Gaming? In that case definitely don't go for an N-series processor. Despite carrying the same 'HD Graphics' name their integrated graphics is just over half the speed of the ones in the 3825U.

    It's worth seeing if you can get an 5000 or 6000 series i3 as they offer a substantial further in some games for not that much more. I believe HP do a Pavillion 15 with the i3-5157U, which has stronger graphics then the rest of the 5000 range, for around £340-350.

    Having two sticks of memory in the laptop will also boost gaming performance. Many only come with one these days to allow space for upgrades but it also impacts integrated graphics performance.

    You're not going to get a laptop that runs every game without spending twice as much, but there's big difference in gaming ability between different ~£300 laptops.
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