Optical from TV into Xbox and Sony Home Cinema System

Found 26th Dec 2017
I currently have a Sony Home Cinema System. Subwoofer is hooked up to my Youview Freeview Recorder Box but I would like to take advantage of the home cinema systems sound for my Xbox.

Can someone tell me the best way to get my xbox to blast its audio through the home cinema via optical TOSLINK without shuffling cables around?

Would prefer some sort of splitter setup
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It would help to know what you have and what you got connected
If the optical is in to the TV from your Sony set up does it take all audio output? From your freeview or sky or whatever and come out of the system. If so then you should just plug the Xbox in via hdmi and it’ll do the same
Panasonic Viera TV connected by optical to Sony Home Cinema. Not investigated back of home cinema yet, think it has 1 optical port. Xbox One S
No my mistake. It's not connected to TV at all. Just remembered. Sony home cinema is connected to youview freeview box by optical
Sorry sorry made another error. Subwoofer is connected to youview by optical
Always confuses me but did manage to sort my Daughter's set up.She has a Panny tv and Samsung blu-ray player with surround sound.
The PS4 is connected by optical to the Samsung and both by hdmi to the tv,the Samsung being plugged into the 'arc' port if I'm not mistaken
Also have a PS3 connected solely by hdmi and that returns surround sound too,so it's working well at the moment
.....and I'm loathe to touch any connections now
With generic terms like 'home cinema system' it's very hard to say what exactly would be the best way to set things up as it depends on exactly what sort of thing you have and even the specific model.

Generally the best option these days is the TV's HDMI ARC port to the sound system and everything else to the TV via HDMI. A receiver can also work.
Cheers for your help, but I have looked into splitters and they are so pants that I have decided on a another optical cable which I will just swap around with the other at the sub end when needed. tv is quite a few years old and doesn't have the fancy ARC functions etc
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