Optical Glass Prism

Found 7th Dec 2010
Can anyone help me with an Optical Glass Prism? I have looked for a store/shop in Bristol to buy myself one for a project, but I don't seem to find one. Where should I look?
If anyone is from Bristol and can suggest me another place to look for this prism, I would really appreciate it.

I looked for one on Ebay and Amazon but they are only shipping it from China or US and I don't know how much it will take to get here. This is why I would prefer to buy it myself from a gadget shop or something similar.

Thank you in advance!
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Other school suppliers are:-

Rapid Electronics

Not sure which allow non-education orders, but have a look.
Thank you both for your suggestions. I will make my order tonight. Yay! Finally!

Thank you! Thank You!

Try school suppliers, an example … Try school suppliers, an example here:http://www.theconsortium.co.uk/itemgroup.aspx?ig=86561&cat=53080

Thank you for your link, but they only sell their products to schools, not to individuals. That's a shame, I really want to order one. I will keep looking through Mike's suggestions to see if I have more luck.
Thank You!

UK seller

Thank you! That's the cheapest find.
If it's just a temporary project, you could always try contacting a local secondary school, their Science Department should have a few and would probably be ok to lend one to you. They tend to not get used that often (at least in our school) and I know that our department would probably be ok with it. At least then you'd be able to try out your project and maybe get some idea of what size works best.
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