Found 15th Aug 2017
Would I be within my right to keep my prescription in my glasses so they don't keep them and sell on to another customer.
The new prescription is 200
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What would they sell on to another customer?
??? If you get a new pair you keep the old ones (if that's even the question?)
Putting them in an existing pair
chuckiedoll29 m ago

What would they sell on to another customer?

The lenses
coventgamer3 m ago

Putting them in an existing pair

If you mean can they put lenses with your new prescription into your existing frame then yes, they should be able to (Providing your existing frame is in good enough condition to re-glaze).
Your old lenses would definitely not be 'sold on' and should be returned with the reglazed frame since they are yours.
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I would have thought it would be highly unlikely they would re-sell them BUT why do you care they're no use to you?
Can't imagine there is a branch of opticians out there that would sell on a pair of used lenses as they wouldn't be in 100% perfect condition . Also it is normally cheaper to buy new frames anyway with the offers that available ratherthan having lenses put in old frames. I always donate our old pairs of glasse to whichever high street opticians I am passing as they then pass them on to countries that can make use of them. Seems fairly pointless you asking for a pair of lenses back, but each to their own.
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No idea where you even got the idea that lenses are "sold on".
Specsavers (for example) recycle any old donated glasses and lenses to vision aid where they make up new sets of glasses for people in countries such as Zambia. If the lenses are very scratched or unusable they reshape old lenses to fit in the usable frames.
They grind down old lenses fit childrens frames
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