Oral B electric toothbrush battery replacement

Posted 26th Sep 2018
So my expensive toothbrush’s battery has stopped charging after just over 3 years and is out of warranty. I rang up Braun service department and was told they would not replace the battery unless it was on warranty even if I offered to pay for it. Eventually after trying to convince the guy he put me through an intermediary company who at first said it cannot be done . Then they said they could replace the outer shell for £60. I declined so they tried to sell me a new toothbrush.
Now I see a couple of websites and YouTube videos which go through how to replace the battery. My question is has anyone actually done this as the customer services guy was saying that it is a sealed unit and there is no way one can change the battery. Can it be resettled?

Is it worth the hassle?

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For a few pounds for a new battery it’s worth trying give it a g
fearona3 h, 3 m ago

Cheap service …Cheap service herehttps://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Oral-B-GENIUS-9000-8900-8000-Battery-Replacement-Service-SmartSeries-PRO-more/282666436634?epid=26009617666&hash=item41d03b881a:g:GxMAAOSwPc9ZxoYBhttps://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Oral-B-PRO-5800-3000-2500-2000-Battery-Replacement-Service-SMARTSERIES-more/282693839830?epid=6009617475&hash=item41d1ddabd6:g:UYoAAOSwdTdZ4bFC£13.99 or make an offer plus postage.

Thanks will try them. My model is not listed but will try them.
I tried and failed to replace battery
I recall soldering a broken wire on the charge coil in a previous bottom of the range oral b model I had, I might have replaced the battery too but it was a long time ago.

The design has probably changed in all this time, but as far as I recall, on the model I had, you had to ease off a plastic ring around the neck with a screwdriver to release the top seal and the bottom was sealed by an O ring and just push and twisted to release, and the guts were held in place by a spring.

They used to provide instructions for removing the battery prior to disposal and even had a lump on the bottom of the charger to undo the base.

I will certainly be replacing the battery in my current model when it fails, if it turns out to be a tagged NIMH AA, then I'll solder in a low self discharge AA, as they cost less than tagged cells and should go longer between recharges.
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...thats why you buy the £20 variants.
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