orange 10 pound incentive

    i am a new user so hope i did not post in wrong section.

    orange offer 10 pound to move to their pay and go and keep ur old number.
    i am on orange contract want to move down now to p&g if i port my orange number to a spare other network sim i have lying around and then port it back will they still give me £10.

    Also if i have lots of spare sims around can i move them all onto orange getting lots of 10 pounds ??



    I did this before moving to Orange, got a Virgin Sim I didn't use, got PAC, put on Orange PAYG, then moved to Orange PAYM, voila £10 extra credit on my Orange bill.

    You can also shift credit between Orange PAYM sims if you know the pins to both, however whether this applies to the £10 newcomer deal I somehow doubt, doesn't.

    Can I ask why you want lots of sims with £10 credit on it? I'm just curious, myself I have 4 contract mobiles in my name, all cashback or retention, two in personal use, two given to family, all on Int. calling services, all premium/Int. calls barred.

    Ultimately works out significantly cheaper, but we use voice calls alot more than texting which is where prepay I think has an advantage or did until unlimited texting is now becoming norm on contracts.

    Original Poster

    i was just gonna transfer over all the 10 pounds onto one pay and go sim ! but you say it may not work can anyone let us know for sure if it will or wont ?

    Have never had a problem transferring credit from one sim to another with Orange but have never done more than one at a time, do it one a month or something.
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