Found 13th Jan 2011
I bought a samsung e1120 with £5 free airtime anout 5 months ago. I have never used the phone or sim card. Just been sitting around. I wondered if the sim card had an expiry date as I would like to flog the phone with the (£5credit) sim on a well known internet auction site.

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If the number has no traffic through for 6 months Orange will suspend it. If there's no contact for another 6 months the number will be terminated and the payg acc closed and you'll lose any credit remaining on it.

Its done to stop the servers clogging up with millions of numbers that aren't live (and there's also a limited number of mobile numbers. They get recycled after another 6 months)...

Best bet, send yourself a text from it once every few months, that will reset the clock.
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whats that got to do with a £10 top up?

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Thanks steve1221. You got the gist of the issue. The £10 top up title is another quuestion I have and confused the two.
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