Orange 18 Month deals with free broadband

This is probably a question for ducky but has anybody managed to get an 18 month Orange (£30pm) deal through an indie AND then get free broadband at Orange ?

I guess the chances of this are slim as Oranges T&Cs says that the "current contract has to be restarted" which will, presumably, screw up any cashback offers. Anybody ?


PS. I know ]davedixson reported that Orange told him there would be no problem if you phone them immedialely, but I just wondered if anybody had actually tried this ?

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If you ring them on the same day then maybe the dates might be the same on the restarted contract, but then again it could be from when you actually get connected whichg could be some time after.

Reestit Mutton mentioned tis on MSE and he said that it probably would screw up the cashback, yes. You could ask the sales rep to confirm it won't but how do you prove that 6, or even 12, months don the line??
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