Orange 2-for-1 Codes!

    I know this is a wierd request, but a group of friends and I are planning to go watch Spiderman 3 today, and out of all of us only one is an Orange subscriber. From previous experience, our local cinema just reads the text message off the phone screen and writes down the number.

    I'm wondering if there's any Orange users on this forum that don't plan to use their 2-4-1 number tonight and would like to donate it to a needy soul!

    I promise to look extra hard over the next few weeks for good deals in exchange for this favour!!

    Can you please text the code to 07725849887 or send me a PM!


    Cannot give you a code - but here's a free Orange SIM for use in the future.

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    But don't you need to top-up at least £5 a month to get orange 2-4-1 codes? I was contemplating that option before... stocking up on free PAYG orange sims just to get the codes, but a friend told me about that rule...

    i think i can get one through my email seeing as i am with orange, i'll check

    can you text to orange more than once?, then just forward the messages to the other peoples phones

    edit :
    nope, only one per phone, will pm you one - remember the rep button though!

    text sent !

    sent you one too, probably end up with loads.


    Only 1 text per phone but I have orange contract and orange work phone

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    Thanks for all the replies! :-D

    I now have 3 codes so the 6 of us can watch Spiderman 3 knowing that even if the movie sucks, it was worth the price

    Reputation left for the codes sent!

    Do you need any more???

    Also make sure you have the codes on different phones we went once and the cashier wanted to see the phones!!!!
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