Orange 2000 promotional is it still on? plz can some 1 help

    I have had 2500 mins with orange for the past 18 months for 35pounds a month.

    Now my contract has come to a end and they will not offer the 2000 promotional mins as they say we dont give this nymore..

    what are the best deals for orange upgrades. and also can they still give the 2000mins?


    when ever I've had contracts, even after the full term of the contract they still honor the deal. the only way you would loose out is if you cancelled your contract and then renewed it as if a new customer.
    I've done this with vodafone and t mobile, but not orange.
    good luck!

    I seen this on the gadget show
    firstly phone them and tell them u dont want the upgrade and want ure PAC code to transfer your number over o2 or virgin because they offer better deals. Then they will offer u a very good offer. I tried this I now get 500 mins and 1000 txt for £20 on o2 because I threatend to move to orange LOL. Try it and tell me how u get on.

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    Well they say the 2000 mins ws only a promotinal offer.. 2500mins was such a good deals with unlimted txt magic numbers etc..

    they did offer 3000 mins for 50pounds a month with any phone..
    or 1800 mins with unlimted txt with ny fon for 40pounds but stil not good as what i had

    i recently had a upgrade and got unlimited messages, free web browsing, 1200 mins and i pay 30 a month hope this helps

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    My brother got the same 2500 mins etc and his came to a end like mine.. and he got 1000mins with ny phone for 20pounsd a month but they dont even offer me that because im such a high user like 4000 mins n 3500 txt a month. so they wana get rid of me cas im abusing it

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    What i want to no is, has ny1 got the 2000 promotional mins with there 2nd upgrade? after the 1st 18months they had it, have they been offerd it again.?

    I just upgraded my phone last week !!! I was told by customer service rep that best thing to do to get best deal is go to disconnections and arrange a disconnection date .Up till the date they will phone u and write to u more or less begging u to stay ( this is true cos it happened to me in the past).They keep ur number active for 4 weeks after disconnection so there is no prob getting it back .She recommended that day after disconnection that you phone and say u decided to stay after all and u will get a much better deal !!! Hardly seems fair but if you can be bothered with the procedure the deal will be there for you.
    I got a good deal with my renewal anyway as i kept phoning and speaking to someone different till i did.
    My deal was i got Sony Ericsson C902 free and is 18 month contract which can be renewed after 16 months and i pay £20.00 per month for 500 free mins and 100 txts and free calls to "magic number" and landlines
    Sorry for long winded reply but hope it helps you

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    i have done that My number will end on the 19th of this month... The reason is i use the hell out of my mins magic numbers n txt.
    I get 2500 mins but use like 5000 mins because of my magic numbers n use just over 3000 txt.

    The best they can offer me is 60pounds a month for 3000 mins and unlimted txt or 1800 mins for 40 pounds a month stil not good enuf for wat i was geting for 35 a month
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