Found 8th Aug 2008
im not too clued up on these things im on an orange contract at the moment i think its dolphin and ive had it since december, its costing me around 40 ish after vat etc and im hardly using my phone can i call up and ask for them to chance the package to cost me less? or am i tied in?

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if u already been with them for 9mths i think then u can move down. but no harm calling to enquire about the bill and ask to downgrade ur price plan

you can lower or downgrade your contract once youve been with them 9 months

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thanks very much i will do this later i was with them at least a year before this new contact as well i was going to just stop paying the direct debit but think this would do alot of damage to my credit rating?

yeah never stop ur direct debit until after ur contract is up, unless of course u have a really good reason in doing so, you can downgrade after 9 months that doesnt mean u can stop paying altogether:) until ur 12 month or 18 month contract is up

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i know this mate i work for abbey the bank, ive never stopped paying an agreed contract thats ludicrous its not that i cant afford it either its just i am really not utilising it for what its worth now
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