After finally


had a look last week for mine and couldnt get anything that wasnt an ugly black leather thing.

cheapest thing is just to get a screen protector for it really. Rather than getting C600 specific ones get a camera/camcorder lcd protector kit (my Asda were selling off for 30p) and cut to size. £2 tops

have a look on ebay

Those Krusell Leather ones are very good - I used one of them!

Would recommend. They aren't any cheaper on eBay than that link really. Good price you found!

I'd definately recommend keeping these covers on.

The SPV series get dusty screens VERY easily (under the cover now). Keep that cover on, when it gets dusty, because it's a manufacturing issue, it'll be opened and cleaned without voiding warranty, or even replaced!!!! How ever, one scuff on the case, and it becomes wear and tear/poorly looked after and no replacement can be made! These Leather cases will still let dust in (it goes in via the speaker which is sensibly left uncovered). how ever it'll stop any marks on the actual phone if you drop/knock it!

When/If you have to get it cleaned/replaced - on the phone to Orange customer services - the phone cover is in MINT condition. End of Story!


The covers must be unscrewed with a T6 Screwdriver, thus voiding warranty! Instead of voiding your warranty, let them open it for you :::

I called orange, I complained that it was getting very dusty, and it was a manufacturing issue admitted by HTC themselves (the people who make the handsets for orange). They asked for any scratches/evidence of a drop on the phone - in my case 'yes' so I was told no, sorry. I ended up buying the actual housing, voiding my warranty, cracking the £60 LCD, rendering it useless. But that's another story lol!

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